TTLGBD is an Advanced Esthetics Contract Services company that provides non-surgical, beauty enhancements at select locations in the (surrounding) Philadelphia area. These procedures have minimal to no down time. 
Kelly spends a great deal of time educating herself and researching new techniques/products for a healthy experience.  Everything she does is designed to ENHANCE your unique & natural beauty, giving way to your ultimate confidence.





Kelly is a licensed and insured Pennsylvania Esthetician with 17 years experience in the beauty industry with an art background in painting and sculpture. Kelly spent years being a National Spa Trainer & Makeup Artist, working with over 50 med spa/luxury product lines, creating new protocols for staff to achieve optimal results for their clients. Her passion to help others feel amazing about themselves led her to more (semi-) permanent cosmetics and advanced, corrective skincare options giving way to less daily maintenance, more artistry & customization.   

* Member of Assoc. Skin Care Professionals (ASCP) 

* Diplomat Member of  American Academy of Micropigmentation (AMA) 

* Board Certified by American Academy of Micropigmentation (AMA)

​* Cosmetic Tattooer, Lash Extensionist, Professional Makeup Artist 

* Medical Esthetician



Kelly performs services out of Prodigo Day Spa.

Prodigo Day Spa

439 Main Street

Harleysville, Pa 19438



Online Booking Available

Tuesday  10am - 5pm

Wednesday  1 - 8pm

Thursday  11am - 7pm

Friday  10am - 5pm

most Saturdays  10am - 3pm

Daily Bread


  In Japan, there is an art form called "Kintsukuroi"  meaning “to repair with gold”.  When pottery would break, the artisan would put the pieces together again using gold to create something stronger & more beautiful.   "For every wrinkle and line is a road map of our journey, and every scar, a solemn decoration. It is perception, that writes timeless poetry upon flesh and mind with quill dipped in golden ink... creating art despite the breaking - for that is when true beauty emerges. "   


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